Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New breeds...

We just had a birth of a new Paintball team in Singapore with the birth of the Red Lords. So that makes 2 new teams in the last few weeks with Hot Fuzz. Althought I should be excited about more people playing and forming teams - I will reserve my excitement for now. As I have said before - Its easier to set up a team than the keep a team together. Anyone can form a team and call themselves a paintball player... but its what you do that matters.

However I do welcome the new teams Red Lords- Hot Fuzz and the White Homo Monkeys (aka White Death Mavericks) to the fraternity.

The Homo Monkey boys are the lucky ones- because they can practice and play and in Singapore. There are a couple of fields at Red Dynasty - there are air bunkers and there are people around to pass knowledge of the game to them. They have a place to play where there are people around to teach them the game rather than going to other places where they just take your money and piss off when they sound the siren. After that they send you home with a few bruises but none the smarter.

At this point of time - the Homos are not using emarkers - they can't afford to buy Ego 7, tanks and a eloader anyway. Buying paint alone to fill their brand new pods would cost them a bomb.

But that's okay- I think its better to learn to play with mech markers- you have to shoot faster on one trigger and you have to run faster. All you need is to play together as much as you can and gel and develop your game craft.

The good thing about having better players at the field is that watching them play cancels out the crap that some punk ass newbie players do. Frankly I was getting tired of having to go through the same crap over and over with these punks especially when they bring their egos (NOT THE MARKER) and their army shit to the field.

We love it when a group is easy going and generally they will have more fun. But we get groups who are full of shit and complain and moan about everything and ask stupid questions and do stupid and dangerous things on the field.

These are punks who don't listen to instructions and they think they're too good to be told what to do. These are the people you hope get whacked in the head a few times.

I can predict how the games will pan out based on seeing how they behave and listen to the marshals during their first game. And when you get punks in the field - you get stupid antics (taking mask their off- shooting in the air - sticking their barrels in the sand) that is dangerous and you have to be on the ball to stop them from hurting others and their own stupid asses.

Sometimes when I get tired of them talking and doing shit - I feel like challenging them and whacking the heck out of them just to shut them up.

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Tom said...

Yeah, it's good to have older folks with experience sharing on and off field. Thanks older folks!