Friday, May 7, 2010


Check this out- awesome graphics for upcoming movie starring well EVERYONE from the biggest 1990s action movie is there:
John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone)
John McClaine Die Hard (Bruce Willis)
Dutch Schaefer from Predator (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Ivan Drago from Rocky -Dolf Lundgren
Jet Li
Jason Statham
Randy Couture current UFC Ultimate Fighting Champion
Terry Crews - T-Money from Battledome
Austin? Yeah that's STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!
and of course Mickey Rourke.

Oh they even dug up the ultimate B-Grade crook/boss in Eric Roberts

I love the whole concept the name of the movie the skulls and guns logo. I would be a great name and logo for a paintball team.

Click on the pic to check out the 2min trailer.


aSpaceApe said...

that picture reminds me a lot of the unknown soldiers logo:

SEBURO said...

oh yeah it does look similar. but i love the way they used guns to make up the wings- i wish i thought of that.

aSpaceApe said...

oh yeah it is a great idea i love how they get bigger