Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Dye have released the DM10 in 2 new colours and the NT in Team Editions.

The DM10 comes in Aloha which is a break away from the agg feel and going with a hot Hawaiian summer look with the sunset and coconut trees. I wonder how many of these will sell.

The Bomber has shark teeth is reminiscent of Johnny Pechak's (?) WWII P40 Mustang fighter plane influenced DM8

The Charge has a nice combination of red and black which is a popular colour scheme. I wonder why they didnt do the Ironmen edition NT in this read rather than the purple-ish Ironmen shield.

Team edition NTs for Ironmen Tampa Bay Damane Brazils Jungle Boyz and Way out

This is the first time I come across Way Out's NT so here is a closer look.

Tampa Bay Damage's Team NT was the first Team Edition NT to come out at PSP Phoenix earlier this year

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aSpaceApe said...

that aloha dm10 is niiiiiiiiiiiice