Monday, May 3, 2010


Fadzly in red is a Singapore Poly student and a staff at Red Dynasty and Aaron is in black next to him, both are students who are helping to set up an paintball CCA at Singapore Poly

Some of the RED SEVENS and staff of Red Dynasty were at Singapore Poly during last week promoting paintball as a sport. After gathering 120 names of people interested in playing paintball as a sport, 45 guys and a girl rocked up today at Red Dynasty Paintball Arena.

The purpose of this exercise was to help promote paintball at Singapore Poly and to help them set up an CCA Co-Curricular Activity club which hopefully will be recognised and gather funding from the School. This has the promise to what we hope to be the first tertiary institution in Singapore to have a Paintball Club and Paintball team.

Big turnout by the students from Singapore Poly

Jane showing how she wants the agility skills to be done

Paul putting the groups through the "suicide run"

We put the participants through some running and ability drills and split the groups into teams. There was some team building and social games to get everyone to get to know each other.

I am quite excited at the possiblity of Singapore Poly being the first school in Singapore to have a paintball CCA and paintball team and the turn out today and enthusiasm from the participants has been great.

I hope to see interest from the other polytechnics and universities in Singapore to set up teams so we can have a inter tertiary competition going between all the colleges and universities in Singapore.

Thank you to the crew at Red Dynasty Ben Jane Fuzz Kenny and Red Sevens Paul for helping out at the event today and everyone from Singapore Poly who turned up.

We hope to see you on the field soon.

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