Tuesday, August 3, 2010


At Noob Wars yesterday - I noticed a lot of teams filling up the back 3 bunkers (YELLOW). I would have pushed for the Dorito - Carwash - Right Brick and Snake Bunkers (Red). If we dont go into the snake straight we'd stop at the Back Right or the Right Brick.

I wouldn't bother with the Back Left Can- its too far back to be efffective. If there was someone in there he should look cross into the snake. Tape side is a waste of time. Normally teams would have a snake corner to cover the snake but again a lot of them were either crossing in or simply not helping their snakes enough- its far back to be effective. Much easier to shoot somebody in the snake from the Carwash.

Carwash is an easy fill straight from the break- just run low and slide into it. He should play right and look to lock their snake out. Put a lane in front of snake 1 and should have the advantage to stand up and shoot down into the snake. Car wash also protects his snake guy from any bunkering move.

Snake - should go straight into snake 2 as soon as possible - shoot out their car wash and doritos and bricks. The snake can stand up on the cans and look to wrap out to shoot the bricks and push their back left to the outside.

Right Brick is to help keep their right back from shooting on the inside and to protect his snake guy.

I would put somebody into the Dorito every game looking to wrap on the outside - first to kill their Dorito and wrap out on their brick and cake and Back right. He should try to push into the 50 Can and should be relatively well protected from their Left back.

Teams that got to the 50s first tend to have better advantage. The more guys you have in the 50s meant more firepower nearer to them and better chances of shooting them out.

Teams that shot out the opposite snake also stood a better chance to move into the 50 zone. There were a few gun fights in the snake - which I felt was a waste because in the snake your job is to move up and shoot across the field- not hunt for the other snake guy. We had one snake player going the highway twice to bunker his opposite snake but he got shot by the back left in the process.

I didn't see the need to fill both bricks- if you can get up there- might as well fill the car wash. If the Dorito guy can hold off or shoot out his opposite dorito- the D side will be locked down. If you had a guy in the car wash you'd pretty much stop them from moving up until they get you out of there.

I felt that teams should have worked on the break outs running forward gunning the snake side for the snake rather than take the corners.

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