Friday, August 13, 2010


Youth Olympics packed lunch - rice with bits of corn 6 long beans and a deep fried piece of "chicken"

I read with much bemusement in the Straits Times today about the pathetic pack lunch they gave to volunteers at the Youth Olympics. This reminded me of how good our lunches were at the World Games last year in Kaohsiung Taiwan. Everyday including Friday practice and Captains Briefing, we were asked for our food preference and given a packed lunch which was not only generous but actually really delicious.

World Games packed lunch at Kaohsiung last November was so good I had to take a picture

We'd get Japanese rice, a big piece of breaded pork chop AND a piece of braised chicken chop which were well cooked and not cheaply deep fried. The accompanied rice noodles and 2 types of vegetables or tofu were also delicious and not just something thrown in. There is also a sweet bun in the packed meal.And after lunch they gave everyone a Taiwanese version of Yakult to help with digestion.

I must say that this was also the same food we got when we made our first trip to Taiwan to play in the Taiwan International Paintball Tournament a year earlier.

I'm saying that they really take good care of you when you go up to Taiwan to play paintball. Shame on you Singapore Food industries for providing a pathetic packed lunch for a "World Crass" event such as the YOG.

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