Thursday, August 12, 2010

PALS Singapore?

Imagine playing at night with the city lights in the background. The media will gobble it up.

With the growth of the PALS league and talk about bringing the show to Singapore. I'd like to throw my thoughts into it. I've always had this vision of playing a Paintball tournament on the "The Float" which at Marina bay which is the world's largest floating pontoon at 120m long and 83m wide. The size of the pitch will be more than enough to accommodate two paintball fields and the stands can sit up to 30,000 people.

The view from the platform with no less than 5 world class hotels in the background.
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The Float or otherwise know as the Marina Bay Floating Platform was designed to serve as a venue for Singapore's National Day parades and it has hosted concerts, football matches and the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix runs through it - in and out under the stands.

And with the football pitch is artificial turf....YES TURF- there is turf on the field.

The Marina Bay Ares with the Esplande theatres - rounded blobs on the back

This would certainly rival the cool factor of playing on the beach at Huntington or Malaga. The cool factor of playing on water on the bay would definitely be sky nigh - the views would also be spectacular. There are stadium lights in place which will be awesome if games were played at night with views of the city sky line in the background.

Hotels shopping centers and food outlets surround the Marina Bay Area - the Sands Casino Resort is just across the bay. Busses and Train run centrally to this area.

It would be the perfect and "The Coolest Paintball Tournament on Earth"

Why Singapore? Because its easy to get there- flights form every major city in Asia. Easy public transportation. Take a cab or the train or even walk from your hotel to the field.

Most importantly the media is centered in Singapore. ESPN STAR is based in Singapore. If we had an even like this they will surely come out and cover this.

The Marina Sands Resort & Casino on the left of the Float

Anyway its just my dream and mine alone. I thought I'd just stir the pot a bit and put it our before anyone else claims that my claim was copied.

Paul Lam I know you read my blog - what do you think? Like the venue?


darrenleow said...

i like

muffin said...

arthur, we all wish for this, and it will always be a bittersweet topic i think. it has the potential..but the likelihood of it happening in the next few years is pretty low.

Zahri said...

That's an ineresting dream. If it does happens, I think it'll not only boost paintball in Singapore but in Asia as well. Especially since Singapore is so into putting her name in international spotlight.

Grant said...

Totally agree it would be a great paintball venue...

Dreams are often shared...

pacman said...

arthur, dont dream it - make it into reality; all great things start with a simple dream ...