Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The Red Sevens made a new friend today - Ken Tsuda from Oakland Blast came by Singapore for a business trip and got in touch with us so we met up with him - gave him a tour of the Red Dynasty field and took him out to dinner. He manages the Oakland blast Pro team with Bob Long and his son Kenny Tsuda plays on Blast along with our friends Corey and Jason Bornstein.

Ken using cups as bunkers at the cafe after dinner, talking about angles and how to play the back position and how to see both sides of your bunker at the same time. (it's a neat trick ;)

Ken was kind enough to give us a few tips on how to play the back bunkers and how he trains snake players and answered questions about how to run a pro team, get paint sponsors to what gear the team is currently using. Ken manages a few teams in D3 and D2 as well. We also got some inside information about the new Bob Long guns and like I didn't know that the Blast jerseys were designed by "Chris from Contract Killers". I was like "you mean Chris Corcino??" and he said "yep- Chris is a nice guy". Woah neat stuff.

I got a "Kenny Tsuda" jersey and a "Corey Bornstein" jersey for SBen.

Ken will be back in town in a couple of weeks and is going to come over for the World Cup Asia after they play the real World Cup in Disney World. Hopefully we'll get together a clinic session as he is keen to play in Singapore and Malaysia.

Thanks for the Jerseys and the stories Ken.

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