Saturday, June 6, 2009


With most of paintball royalty down here for _____'s wedding. I guess some of us are not practicing this weekend (we are). However some of our fav pro teams are practicing for PSP Chicago. And this is a great piece of reporting from Justin and the guys at Incase you're in the neighbourhood and want to catch your favorite pro team practicing.


Aftershock is holding tryouts at Badlandz for their new semi-pro squad. If your in the area (or a free agent), be sure to check it out.

Tampa Bay Damage and San Diego Aftermath will be practicing at Central Florida Paintball Park in Lakeland, FL.

San Diego Dynasty will be practicing Sacramento XSV at Camp Pendleton Park in Oceanside, CA.

Indianapolis Mutiny will be practicing at Third Eye Paintball Park in Louisville, KY.

Phoenix United will be practicing against Scottsdale Elevation at 23bps in Avondale, AZ.

LA Infamous will be practicing against Los Angeles Ironmen at Velocity Paintball Park in San Diego, CA.
I would give anything to go watch this practice session.

DC Arsenal and Arsenal Evolution will be practicing Sunday at Outdoor Adventures in Chesapeak City, MD.

OH AND PS Explicit emailed to say that their clinic is on this weekend at Extreme Paintball Park which is Rich Telford's park.

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