Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This bit of news is 24 hours old but the big news for us is that TEAM EXPLICIT has signed with Furious Paintball to shoot Lotus Barrels.

This is very exciting for Furious Paintball as Explicit are a very high profile up and coming team making their debut this year in the USPL. With a bit of inspiration from my blog - Furious sent some Lotus barrels to Rob Monterio at Explcit to try out and they shot it over the weekend at their clinic on Rich Telford's field.

They liked the performance of the Lotus Barrel so much that they agreed to sign on with Furious by Monday Malaysian time.

"We shot Furious barrels this weekend...amazing barrels. Extremely accurate. Actually the best Barrel we have ever shot! "
Rob Monterio on PBNation.

Explicit is the newest team to join the Furious family following the Demons in Malaysia, Vicious USA, DUB Drugged Up Bastards - Millennium Series and the Red Sevens in Singapore.

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