Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank Yous to our friends.

The Red Sevens had the biggest weekend in our history and we couldn't have done it without the help and support from many of our friends.

First I'd like to thank people like:

Daniel Goh of the Lemon Ruskies for being there for us with your generosity and your words of encouragement. Your belief in us was immense for the team.

The guys on X Fox: Gary Lee for your advice, Sani for always being positive, XK for your friendship, helping out with the markers and even organising lunch for us. You guys don't know how cool it was for us to have you guys from the legendary X-Fox to hangout with us at our tent.

I would also sincerely thank everyone who came and shook our hands and congratulated us. The Guys on Oscar Legion X. The guys from Spunky Militia who came and knocked on the car window to shake my hand- that was awesome! I treasure that the more than the medal and the prize money. I'm REALLY happy and proud of Spunky Militia for winning Division 4.

Matthew Nekvapil from Furious Paintball for the Lotus barrels. And Stanley for taking photos for us.

The Jokers who shared our tent, found our markers and kept them safely for us. Thank you.

A personal thank you too to Desmond Foo for helping me with my marker - you were a life saver.

There were 6 of us on the team at MPOC4 so we have an extra medal. I would like to dedicate the 7th medal to the guys who were there with us from the beginning - Azlan "Padam Petir" Amir, Benedict "Calgar" Chen, Shafrul "Callio" and William "Slow Poke" Wong. We have not forgotten your contribution to the team.


spunky said...

Congrats again to Red Sevens for bagging 2nd place bro!...
finally, your hard work and perseverance paid off and it was a delight to see you on the podium...

We didnt know the results until the prize giving ceremony and we were just as happy to see you go up on the podium...

We had a great time at this mpoc and we hope to see you again in the final leg!

dez said...

if u can't even get my name right pls dun bother putting it up.

SEBURO said...


I corrected it.