Monday, February 14, 2011


In the light of custom jersey makers offering good quality work from the likes of TANKED, S2, RAZA etc. The current fashion is all about custom jerseys and stock jerseys are not good enough. As a result of this companies like DYE who usually dont make a custom jersey unless you are a pro team, have changed their policy and are offering selected DYE teams the chance to customised their own jerseys and Markers.

Here is a draft version of the first non-professional team Dye C11 custom jersey for Team Gorilaz which is a team from Venezuela to appear on the net.

Team Gorilaz are also getting customised NT11s

Cult team L.I.F.T.from Long Island New York signed with Dye recently and this is their customised NT11 which is really sweet. I'm sure we'll see one from the New Jersey Jesters too.

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