Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Lets have a quick look at the Marker sponsorship situation in the all important Pro division going into the opening NPPL Event in April. For 2011 the NPPL will cap Professional Division at 16 teams. So far to date there are 15 teams confirmed with 1 spot left.

Planet Eclipse 36% had the biggest slice of the pie with 7 teams last year in Pro but have lost 2 teams to Empire. They still managed to hold on to the biggest slice of the pie at 36% with 5 teams. Planet Eclipse managed to hang on to big names in Dynasty and Impact. San Francisco Explicit, St Loius Avalance and Chicago Aftershock stayed with Egos and Geos. They were the biggest losers in terms of pro teams- they have been losing teams since 2009 when long time Eclipse shooters XSV and Infamous left.

Empire 29% has come and taken a big bite from Planet Eclipse in the Marker Sponsorship Pie. New comer Empire grabbed 4 teams with their new Axe XSV (from Alien) Infamous (from Bob Long) and signed up 2 new teams Chicago Legend and Vancouver Vendetta. They immediately have almost 30% of teams share in Pro division showcasing their new Axe.

Dye 14% has the smallest pie of the big 3 manufacturers with only 2 teams at 14%. However they still have overall the 2010 Champions Tampa Bay Damage and DC Arsenal shooting Dye NTs. Dye has been more supportive of teams playing in the PSP with its Ironmen not playing in the NPPL.

Bob Long 7% lost Infamous to the Axe but he still has house team Oakland Blast to concentrate on.

Alien 7% had XSV last year and managed to stay in Pro Division with new team Seattle Thunder.

Luxe 7% are making a slow comeback- they are represented but new team Indianapolis Mutiny

Portland Uprising remains the only team left unsigned to any marker manufacturer.

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