Thursday, February 24, 2011


This would most probably be the first interview Ollie Lang did after the big announcement last Sat (Singapore morning) that he is going back to his old team Dynasty. Within minutes after Ryan Greenspan tweeted "Welcome Back Mr Ollie Lang" I knew that the move was on and tweeted it and I sent Ollie a few questions about it. Ollie has graciously replied my email with answers and here we have a World Exclusive: Ollie Lang talking about this move back to Dynasty.

Hi Ollie thank you for doing this short but very important interview.
Can I ask a few questions that your fans would be dying to know

1. What-when-how was the decision made - who did you speak to in Dynasty?
I have been speaking to Alex (Fraige) about it for years, partially joking but in the back of my mind- seriously.

2. What are your thoughts going back to the team that started it all for you?
Its just nice to be back with my friends that I started with.

3. This move is obviously not about money, what is it about? Going into a title contending team?
Its about a fresh start and a new goal, its time to revive the sport. I want to triple stamp the double stamp that we were and are the best ever to play the game.

4. Do you have any message to Ironmen and Dynasty fans out there ?
Both teams are great teams and it is amazing that there is a sportsman that has two teams. I really have two teams and two great teams at that. Whether you are an Ironmen fan or a Dynasty fan, I hope that you are an Ollie Lang fan and I will continue to do my best as an athlete to represent the sport and grow it as much as possible. Look out for the best to come.

Thank you again Ollie for answering my questions. We look forward to seeing you and Dynasty on the field.

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