Saturday, February 19, 2011


[Im going to put my neck on the line here:]

Its Sat 19th 1230pm Singapore time and Fri 830pm LA time.
So far nothing on PBnation, Propaintball and Facefull Im the only one with this.
Let see if the others catch up and confirm or I jumped the gun.

Oliver Lang has been out of contract with Dye since the end of last year when his $100,000-a-year contract ran out. It has been 5 years since his legendary move from Dynasty to Dye/Ironmen. During the World Cup Asia last Nov Ollie got to hangout with his old buddy Ryan Greenspan and I'll bet $100,000 that he and Ryan talked about it. And ironically it was Ryan Greenspan that tweeted the announcement first before Ollie. During World Cup Aisa when Ollie was asked if he was going back to Dynasty he didn't deny the rumours- his answer was a definite "maybe"

Rumours have been floating around since late August last year that that he was not been offered a new contract with Dye nor has he signed a new one. Thus it was logical that rumours of a move out of the Ironmen was imminent. Only last week it was reported that he was seen practicing with the Ironmen thus squashing rumours of him moving out. It seems that the decision to make the move was made only in the past few days.

Looking at the choice of title contending teams that he can move to or willing to take him in...There isn't much around. He wont suit the Russians, not sure about Oakland Blast, Infamous are taking a big risk with the Axe.
If Ollie was going to move - it would not be for money because I doubt any other team or sponsor can top what Dye paid him. The move was definitely going to be to a team that can win.

It won't be a move to another Dye team like Tampa Bay because if he was going to be a Dye player - Dye would want him to be in the Ironmen. Dynasty would be the most logical choice since he grew up with the team and it was with Dynasty that they wont all those Championships. Dynasty has not been as strong since their rebuilding process with the inclusion of the younger players and with Ollie things could change for the better.


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