Sunday, August 30, 2009


Top 8 Rankings after Sat prelim games thank make it to Sunday
1. DC ARSENAL romped though all their 7 prelim games to finish at the top of the pile.
2. XSV win 6 and drops one 1
3. Dynasty started with a 5 game streak losing their last 2 games including to Arsenal
4. Avalance showed that their guys arent as rusty as everyone things. They are 5-2 and have a good outside chance on sunday
5. Oakland blast are 5-2 too.
6. impact 5-2
7. Naughty Dogs finally make the cut getting 4 wins losing 2 and a bye fomr the wackers who didnt turn up
8 Indiapolis Mutiny scraped in 4-3

Sun 8:00 St. Louis Avalanche vs Oakland Blast
Sun 8:08 DYNASTY vs Edmonton Impact
Sun 8:16 Sacramento XSV vs Seattle Naughty Dogs
Sun 8:24 DC Arsenal vs Indianapolis Mutiny
Sun 8:32 DYNASTY vs St. Louis Avalanche
Sun 8:40 Sacramento XSV vs Oakland Blast
Sun 8:48 Edmonton Impact vs Indianapolis Mutiny
Sun 8:56 DC Arsenal vs Seattle Naughty Dogs
Sun 9:04 Sacramento XSV vs DYNASTY
Sun 9:12 St. Louis Avalanche vs Indianapolis Mutiny
Sun 9:20 Oakland Blast vs Seattle Naughty Dogs
Sun 9:28 DC Arsenal vs Edmonton Impact T
Sun 9:36 Sacramento XSV vs Indianapolis Mutiny
Sun 9:44 DYNASTY vs Seattle Naughty Dogs
Sun 9:52 St. Louis Avalanche vs Edmonton Impact
Sun 10:00 DC Arsenal vs Oakland Blast
Sun 10:08 Seattle Naughty Dogs vs Indianapolis Mutiny
Sun 10:16 Sacramento XSV vs Edmonton Impact
Sun 10:24 DYNASTY vs Oakland Blast
Sun 10:32 DC Arsenal vs St. Louis Avalanche
Sun 10:40 Edmonton Impact vs Seattle Naughty Dogs
Sun 10:48 Oakland Blast vs Indianapolis Mutiny
Sun 10:56 Sacramento XSV vs St. Louis Avalanche
Sun 11:04 DC Arsenal vs DYNASTY
Sun 11:12 Oakland Blast vs Edmonton Impact
Sun 11:20 St. Louis Avalanche vs Seattle Naughty Dogs
Sun 11:28 DYNASTY vs Indianapolis Mutiny
Sun 11:36 DC Arsenal vs Sacramento XSV

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