Monday, August 17, 2009


I have a bone to pick with teams who pull no shows. There are the usual teams who sign up but don't show up at all, teams who lose 6-8 games on Saturday and then go home rather than playing on. And now there is a new time low - a team who made it to Sunday and didn't bother to rock up.

It shameful, its selfish, small minded and disrespectful to the sport and all the teams who rock up and play their hearts out. Especially to the teams who did not qualify - that spot is wasted on them when they don't rock up on Sunday.

When we screwed up our Saturday in Leg 3 - our last opponent skipped out on us denying us any chance to score any points to squeeze into Sunday. Thus we were effectively out on contention, however we had 2 games left on Sunday which were redundant.

We could have gone just packed up and gone home. But there was no question of not turning up on Sunday. We decided on Sat afternoon that we would play ALL our games no matter what. All 7 of us guys got up on Sunday morning, rocked up at the field, suited up and podded up ready to play our remaining 2 games. To add insult to our injury - 1 of the 2 teams didn't rock up so we got up only to play 1 game on that Sunday.

Last Sunday 1 of the 8 teams didn't show up and they happen to be in our group. That put more pressure on the other 3 teams because we each would have 1 walkover in hand. I see it as glass half empty- lose 1 game and you'd probably be out straight away. Win one and you'd most probably be in because you have 2 wins in hand.

When teams don't bother to finish playing their 10 preliminary games- it also effects the other teams who are trying to qualify and teams who are trying to score points for overall championships. They deny any possible chance to score points.

When I first started playing- I was naive - when an opponent doesn't show - I was happy because it meant "free" 'win' for us and I save some money on paints. Now that I'm a little bit more savvy and can see the bigger picture - to me it means disrespecting the game and the other teams and as well as denying teams from scoring points.

If you cant cut it to play all your obligated games - then don't sign up. Don't show up if you don't intend to play all your 10 preliminary games. Don't deny the other teams a spot on Sunday if you qualify and don't rock up.

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