Saturday, August 29, 2009

USPL DC CHALLENGE. I preview the field layout with Rob Monteiro of SF Explicit.

Welcome to the DC challenge. We're in Obama town in D.C and my source tells me the "field is great". The Friday division games are currently being played as I type this and I have the pleasure of getting feedback directly from Rob Montiero of San Francisco Explicit who is right there right now and telling me about how the field is like and how the division teams are playing it.

Let have a look at the field layout with Rob Monterio:

The field has nothing much running down the center after the 20s - its quite bare in the 50 center. So we going to get monumental gun fights on the sides. The key is to push up from the break and look for the cross and get some quick kills before the other side counters your front guys by bunkering or wrapping them out.

The snake is 20 meters long and every decent pro team would have a decent snake fighter. With only two bricks as stops in the snake, it is a real set up for a big show down in there. Its not like a typical multi stop snake where you can run 2 guys in there. In this snake is 1 vs 1 at a time.

GAME FEEDBACK FROM ROD is that that most of the divisional teams who push past the first brick to snake 2 on the break, tend to win games. However bear in mind these are divisional teams - the pros might work something different and would be better at putting down lanes to prevent this.

On the other side of the field is the huge U block between 2 car washes. Rob describes it as the "strong" side. The battle is going to be on the tape side but you also go to look in on the cross. The huge beam pretty much makes bunkering easy as it's very protected from the cross field. Its a risk and reward game in the car wash: shoot tape side to kill your mirror and defend any bunkering move - or look cross for the kill. I think most teams will put 2 guys in the car washes because if you get into their carwash you'd be picking them off easily.

You'd need a guy in the 20 dorito to protect your car wash guy. But the 20 dorito is also set up to cross down field.

There are 5 bunkers across the back line- be interesting to see which ones the pros leave out.

Its a field for fast guys and fast gun skills.

Thank you Rob for your comments.

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