Thursday, August 27, 2009

THE SHORT REPORT reports that former LTZ/Infamous/Bushwackers player SHANE HOWE will be playing on San Francisco Explicit along with GREG SIEWERS. The Shane and Greg show will be on San Diego Aftermath for X-Ball and SF Explicit for 7-man.

PRINCE has told me that he is still on Bushwackers and the team is still alive despite losing 2 guys, but are low on cash.

TYLER HARMON posted on my Facebook wall that Greg Siewers is still munching on Vegemite down under in Australia.

XSV tweeted to say that they are already in DC and seeing the sights.

Brandon Short and Davey Williamson celebrate their birthdays this week. Happy Birthday Guys.

And finally SBEN, Shane Howe is looking for you.

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