Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i4 sunglasses/face shield*

Gerald was the one who said the i4 lens looks cool as pair of sunglasses so I've been tinkering with it. If you slip a spare strap in the holes on the side - presto you'd have an instant big sunglass or face shield which is pretty cool.

Just slip in the ends of any strap into the square holes and it'll hold nicely.

For those who coach or crew X Ball matches - wearing your mask upside down and getting a long mark across your face is a ting of the past. This easy and fast to put together and is much more light weight compared to having to wear your mask upside down.

How about it Ollie? You going to try it?

*Dye Asia in no way had any part in this post. Please don't be calling people up at 2am about it.

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