Friday, April 23, 2010

BIRTH OF A STORM EPISODE 2: The First Practice

Jeff Stein sent me a preview of Episode 2 of New England Hurricane's highly successful and popular documentary on the rebuilding process of the team. The first episode was a huge success as it was watched by almost 25,000 viewers gathering a huge following across the paintball world.

Thus Episode 2: The First Practice has been highly anticipated by Hurricanes and paintball fans across the world. In Episode 2 the new guys who were picked up in the selection process from the first episode went up against local teams from New England.

We get to watch the process of getting together for practice and the teams grinding it out over 3 matches. In the first Match the Hurricanes’ new team took it to the locals but in the second match the locals stepped up and beat the over confidant Hurricanes who were getting cocky and sloppy because they won match 1 with relative ease. Watch what happens in the final round after the teams regrouped and Jeff Stein has a word with the team.

The 10 minute long Birth of a Storm Episode 2 is scheduled for official release on the 25th of April. 25 fans from the Hurricanes Facebook have been given the opportunity to watch it on 3 days ago on the 20th.

Thank you Jeff Stein for the preview.

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