Thursday, April 15, 2010


Been looking at the photos from HB form last weekend and here are some of my picks of the best new jerseys. All photos by Dan Jordan

Rockstar - although last years jersey still rocks.
Check the Furious Logo on the sleeve - Rockstar is using Furious Batteries

HK have a new jersey for 2010 and it looks like they are shooting Bob Longs

I really like the Naughty Dog's Dye c10 jersey - gonna try and get one

San Francisco Explicit - check that Furious Barrel

Infamous' 2010 jersey one of which is on the way to me

Avalanche with their new Empire jersey

EDIT - that is also a Furious Barrel which Billy Bernacchia is shooting. Billy plays on Vicious in the PSP who are a Furious team. Evidently he likes the barrel so much that he is using it on Avalanche.


Anonymous said...

Pic#2 - Look!! I can shoot with no loader!!!

aSpaceApe said...

i love them all! get me 1 of each too lol, really tho i LOVE the avalanche jersey! I WANT!

aSpaceApe said...

gotta love that avalanche jersey!