Friday, April 23, 2010


Storm Clouds gathering with strong winds blowing at Malaga last Friday
Photos from Ollie Lang's Twitter

I have been trying to find out what happened over last weekend in Europe over at the Millennium Series opener in Malaga. As you would probably know that most of the teams couldn't get to Malaga in Spain as all flight across Europe were canceled due to the Volcanic ash form Greenland. London Nexus was stuck in Heathrow and Dean Apcar of London Shock told me that they went from Luton Airport to Standstead Airport because the former was closed. They were hoping to catch another flight from Standstead but after chartering 2 buses to get there- they were disappointed too have that flight canceled too.

On top of that, those teams that were lucky to get to Malaga before the flight bans were hit with thunder storms like last year. So even if you did somehow manage to get to the event - the weather would still whack you. It was a double whammy and and I can say that Malaga is indeed a jinxed event for the Millennium Series.

As things are still up in the air- the organisers are working of coming up with a solution because some games went on at Malaga and most were just canceled due to absent teams and bad weather.

Rain and winds blowing the fields away on Saturday

Below is the official email sent out to the teams. The Millennium Series will announce their solution to the unresolved situation at Malaga.


Dear Team Owners,

Just to update you on the situation regarding the remaining games from Malaga and a series point solution for the teams affected by the Volcano;

We have been looking at several options in order to be as fair as possible to everybody. We have worked on several schedule ideas and are having many in depth discussions in order to achieve the best possible result.

By tomorrow afternoon we should be in a position to finalise and announce everything.

At the same time we are also analysing all the extraordinary events that affected last weekend in order to learn and improve our systems wherever possible.

Kind Regards

The Millennium Board

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