Friday, April 30, 2010


RED SEVENS were on hand at MPOC 2 installing SEED RtR Upgrades - in these pictures Jane and Paul were installing the SEED into team Xtioneer Allan Phang's Rotor.

Paul is replacing the motor with 1 of 2 optional new SEED motors that comes in the SEED kit. The Green motor is for more Speed and the Red motor is for more torque.

What you will also get is a new smart board that will detect a mis feed or ball jam within milliseconds and work to clear it without you even knowing. You will never realise if there is a misfeed or a jam as the SEED will clear it as you play. Opening up the Rotor during a game to clear a jam will be a thing of the past with the SEED planted in you Rotor.

You will also get nifly new gear that will save battery power and enable the SEED motor to reverse and free ball jams.

Jane is almost done with the installation which takes less than 15 minutes. You can see the green motor which is the speed motor has been installed. And other motor which is the torque option is red colour in the box.

Welcome to the SEED family Allan Phang.

The RED SEVENS will be at the SULTAN OF KEDAH CUP on May the 21st. If you'd like to plant a SEED in your Rotor please come and see us at the event in Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia or write to us at

For more information and a video demo of the SEED RtR Upgrade please check out

SEED is looking for paintball teams in Asia to sponsor. If you'd like more information on the sponsorship please email

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