Friday, April 9, 2010


Picture of the field taken this morning by Ryosuke Banno from his Twitter

The RED SEVENS will be playing in MY-NPL Event 2 Melaka this weekend. Melaka is a historic town about 2 hours drive up from Singapore. It was an important trading port that was ruled by the Portugese, the Dutch and then the English. There are European styled buildings in Melaka.

MY-NPL Event 2 will be held right in the city area amongst the malls and hotels and played on turf which is what we wanted to experience.

The RED SEVENS will have some SEED rotor upgrade kits with us in Melaka. Do come by to say hello our tent and check the SEED out. We will show you how it works and how it clears balls jams. We will also install it for you if you get one this weekend. The response to the SEED has been great - we sold out all our SEEDs in Kuching during the SSC Cup last month.

Here is what you get in the SEED kit:
A new SEED board
2 new motors - One is high speed and the other is high torque
A custom SEED gear to save battery power

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