Friday, April 2, 2010

SEBURO EXCLUSIVE Ironmen Clinic in Pattaya pt4

This is the second part of the break out video, what Ollie and Mikko are teaching here is how to line up in the middle of the starting frame. What they do is to line up back to back so when they swing their markers up- they won't get in each other's way.

I see a lot of teams line up facing each other in the starting scrum and barrels will clash as they pull their markers up. If you line up facing each other in the middle then technically both of you will hold the marker in the wrong hand. Ollie and Mikko's technique is simpler and sharper and you come out shooting on the correct hand on either side.

Ollie also shows you how to swing the marker up from the front is faster than coming all the way round the front of your body.

The Drill
How the Break out drill is set up is putting two chairs in the straight down the field on the 50 or 60 and each guy breaks out shooting the chairs in front of them while moving up. The idea is to shoot and maintain a lane from the break out. First you start off just shooting at the starting frame- then shoot and run 2-3 meters and then the next move 5 m and so in until you are running and shooting half the field.

I would also add two guys running to the corners- shooting at the same chair. So on the break out 4 or 5 guys are shooting 2 "lanes" where the chairs are. The center guys move straight up - the guys on the side who play the doritos and snake will get used to shooting and running sideways.

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