Tuesday, June 28, 2011


[Watch it with the sound off]

This was Justin Rabackoff's legendary move on Sunday in the PSP finals against Dynasty. Its Boston Red Legion 4 Dynasty 5 and its 1.22 left on the clock. The Russians need to score a quick point or its all over. Dynasty is going to sit and hold out for the Championship.

JRabb makes it into the snake alive. He goes all the way to the 50 snake. Dynasty has 4 guys across the back 4 bunkers including Alex Fraige in snake back. Ollie Lang is at God shooting at JRabb in snake 2 at the 50. Fraige bumps into snake 1 to counter JRabb but is shot going in.

A momentary lack of attention by Ollie lets JRabb sneak cross field into the center A. He is in the A for a long time and Dynasty try to dig him out. Ollie goes into the snake to get at the A and just that moment JRabb runs though the middle of the field shooting Glenn Takemoto at the back dorito and apparently he gets Ollie as well on the way to hanging the flag.

JRabb dives and hangs the flag with 2 seconds to go injuring himself in the process.

Ties the match at 5-5 and forces sudden death Over Time.

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