Sunday, June 26, 2011


I had a bad day on Saturday with only half my picks right.

VICIOUS 3 vs Chattanooga CEP 7
LA Infamous 2 vs Los Angeles Ironmen 7
Boston Red Legion 5 vs Chattanooga CEP 1
Los Angeles Ironmen 4 vs VICIOUS 6
Boston Red Legion 7 vs LA Infamous 2
Edmonton Impact 5 vs Chicago Aftershock 4
Tampa Bay Damage 1 vs X-Factor 7
DYNASTY 7 vs Chicago Aftershock 1
X-Factor 2 vs Edmonton Impact 7
DYNASTY 3 vs Tampa Bay Damage 6

Team Rankings After Prelims
1. Boston Red Legion 4-0
2. Dynasty 3-1
3. Edmonton Impact 3-1
4. LA Ironmen 2-2

5. X-Factor 2-2
6. LA Infamous 2-2
7. Tampa Bay Damage 2-2
8. Vicious 1-3
Chattanooga CEP 1-3
10. Chicago Aftershock 0-4

Boston Red Legion justified their no1 seed and romped through Chattanooga and Infamous and finished top 4-0. In the big match up against Infamous they dropped 2 quick points initially before regrouping and running 7 straight points past Infamous to secure Sunday.

Dynasty totally dominated a helpless Aftershock 7-1 and surprisingly blew a big 3-0 lead with Tampa Bay and let them score 6 unanswered points. Momentum is the chink in their armor that the others will have to exploit to beat them. Matty Marshall said that losing to Tampa bay was a good thing for them because it mean they avoid Boston in the semifinals but also the loss should wake them up in time for the finals.

Impact lost only 1 match and that was to Dynasty. They won both Saturday matches and qualified 3rd spot. They have been the better team in terms of controlling the matches and holding out against Aftershock 5-4 and dominating x-Factor in their last match. They play Boston Red Legion on Sunday in the semifinals, if they can remain calm and not let the Russins get a momentum going they can beat them.

Ironmen turned out to be the dark house of the weekend. They quietly took wins from favourites Infamous and that along with their 7-0 win from Chattanooga was enough to squeeze past Infamous, Tampa Bay, and XFactor (who were all 2-2) to make it to the Final four. Consistency is still not there yet because they lost to Vicious 6-4. But they did just enough to make it to Sunday. they some something really special to bead tournament favourites Dynasty to make it to the final.

X-Factor played really well this tournament. There were 4 teams that finished 2-2 record and X-Factor just missed out on Sunday finishing 5th. Not enough to make it to Sunday but will have good things to bring to the next tournament. They did trash Tampa 7-1 to prove that the full team back together is something to contend with.

surprisingly lost to the Ironmen which meant they had to come out and beat Boston which they didnt. Infamous ended losing both their games on Sat with a 2-2 record which was the same as the Ironmen but the Ironmen go through from a better point margin

Tampa Day was also disappointing they dropped points when they shouldnt and couldn't get back up. They were already out by the time they played Dynasty in the last match but it was the match of the day by the great come back from 0-3 to make it 6-3. Proves that they have what it takes but today it wasn't there.

Chattanooga finally got their first win of the year beating Vicious. A big upset in more ways as it killed any chance Vicious had to progesss to Sunday. They avoid being last place overall with the single win.

Aftershock took it to Impact - traded points all the way to the line. Good Close game Impact just held them just off long enough to beat then 5-4 a one point game. This took too much out of Chicago for their last game against Dynasty. They came out strong in the first point against Dynasty winning is less than a min. I thought it was going to be a close game but it was all downhill from there. some of the point weere chaotic blood baths but with Dynasty alwasy coming out winners. Pressure got to Aftershock and theyself destructed with penalties at the end going down 7-1.

The match of the day was Tampa Bay's come back from 0-3 to beat Dynasty 6-3

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