Monday, June 27, 2011


Boston Red Legion has finally stopped Dynasty run of championships. They came back from 2-5 -s cored 3 quick points to tie it up at 5-5 to take it to sudden death over time.

Dynasty dominated the first half of the match forcing the Russians to concede 3 points in a row before getting a major penalty and that gave the Russians a chance to score 3 points to tie it up. Dynasty tried going up the middle with Oliver but he get shot in the face and the Russians make quick work and grab 2 quick points.

At 4-5 with nothing left on the clock Justin Rabackoff somehow manages to get the flag from the snake and bumps infield into the center A without getting shot- runs down the field through the center shooting out Ollie Lang at god and Glenn Takemoto and dives the flag in with 2 seconds left in the match.

JRabb in the snake of the left and Alex Goldman on the right is stuck there because Matt Blonski is watching him from God. Across the field is Steve Pitts in Dorito 1

We go to sudden death over time. Its a tight game that stuck at 3 v 2. JRabb in the snake vs Alex Goldman and Steve Pitts in the Doritos. Russians have Matt Blonski in god backing up JRabb and Alex Berdnikov in the back center.

Alex Goldman bunkers JRabb and they trade out.

It stalemates for a long time until Alex Goldman goes to bunker JRabb and they trade out. Matt Blonski starts to push up to shoot Steve Pitts in the Doritos but somehow Steve Pitts pulls a shot on him.

Alex Berdnikov grabbing the winning flag after bunkering Steve Pitts for the Championsip

And it went down to 1 v 1 Alex Berdnikov at center back vs Steve Pitts in Dorito 3. Berdnikov is well out of paint by now and was picking paint off the ground. He realises that Steve Pitts is stuck out there with out any coach on the doritos side and goes and bunkers him for the Championship.

The Final had everything - it went one way and just when it seemed that Dynasty was going to sit on their 3 point lead and run the clock down - the Russians came back to tie it and still it stale mated down to 1 v 1 in over time.

Russians win it in sudden death overtime. Russians stop Dynasty's run of Championships. Russians came back from 2-5. Justin Rabackoff is definitely the MVP for running the flag in though a live Dynasty field to force Over Time.

5.58am Singapore /Malaysia time

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