Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PSP CHICAGO FINAL Dynasty's Coach vs Russians' Coach

By Overtime, I guess Dynasty's coach Mike Hindman was out of voice and somebody else was coacing Mouse in the snake. You can hear his coaching clearly and as well as the Russian coach on the other side of the stands. The Russians have 4 or more coaches so if any one of them lose their voice- another can step in.

Its down to 3 Russians vs 2 Dynasty. JRabb in Snake, Matt Blonski in God and Aleksandr Berdnikov in Center back and Dynasty had Mouse in the snake and Steve Pitts in the Doritos.

After Mouse and JRabb traded, Matt Blonski should have done a better job on Steve Pitts but he gets shot running up the snake. It went to one on one and the advantage was clearly with Russians who had a coach closer to Aleksandr Berdnikov while Steve Pitts was stranded out on the far side.

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