Sunday, June 26, 2011

PSP Chicago Semi Final Preview

PSP Chicago Open Semi Finals

Blue vs red- Ollie Lang vs Ironmen. Dynasty and Ironmen are two old names in propaintball however one is at the top of the game with 4 wins in a row and the other is a team rebuilding itself. Dynasty's line up is too good for them to lose against a younger greener Ironmen. Ironmen need to stop Mouse and Dalton from running up the sides.

And they also have to deal with guys like Ollie, Yosh, Ryan and Alex filling after they shoot Dynasty's forwards out. On top of that Dynasty have a great coach in Mike Hinman who can read the game and adjust the plays to beat you.

The only way to beat Dynasty as we saw in their match against Tampa Bay - is for the Ironmen to somehow take it to them and roll on the momentum. They key to holding Dynasty up is to get out and cut Mouse off from the snake and cut Dalton from the Doritos. It'll be a good match up Mouse vs Mike Spika in the snake and Brandon Short vs Dalton in the Doritos.

The Russians have everything going for them. They have good laners and get Gs on the break- they have JRabb that usually owns the snake. They have 4 coaches to control the game. They train and specialise in the PSP format. They go stung by Dynasty in Texas and they want to get another shot at them.

Edmonton Impact have the talent and the experience to take points from the Russians. They have experienced guys like Josh Davey and the All Americans they picked up Tim Montressor, Chad George and Ryan Moorehead who know how to play the Russians. It definitely wont be a walk over when these guys bring their game. They just need to not panic and take it point by point and not let them get away. Russians always play two stacked at home on the break to lane - Impact needs to get outside alive and pinch them before the Russians break out from home.
Hopefully it'll be a close match and they trade points.

*SIN/MAL time

I'll Jinx Dynasty and Boston and pick them to prevail and meet in the finals. That is what I think every want wants to watch tonight.

Pro Finals is Scheduled at 4.20am SIN/MAL time

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