Monday, December 22, 2008


Because you bought the DM8 I saw at the WCA which I really love. Its the 'splatter/splash' black and red and this used to be Billy Wing's gun before his signature gun came out. He still uses the barrel tip and the ASA with the splatter paint on it. They we're selling it along with the new Throttle Tank and Rotor.

After checking out picture of DM8s on action village I found a Cobalt version of the Ollie Lang signature DM8. I thought they only came in black.

And how can this orange/black spec can possibly be LEGAL??

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art chang said...

hahaha... Dont hate... u know you can play with it... or you can wait till S'pore changes the laws and get one yourself... that orange looks fine...whywouldnt it be legal? ollie langs are like 1500 USD.. ill have the dm9 please instead.