Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Ninjas lost a big one to the Robots

NPPL / Pacific Paintball gone Under.
Most of you would have heard that Pacific Paintball the owners of the NPPL, XPSL and PB2X magazine have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It basically means that all of Pacific Paintballs assets (their computers, airball bunkers, netting and other physical property as well as their trademarked names) will be sold off to pay its creditors.

Looking at the glass as half full- this opens an opportunity for somebody to come and buyout all of PP's assets and keep the NPPL and its other subsidiaries like the XPSL and Paintball 2Xtreme magazine going. Maybe it'll be an arab who couldn't get his hands on a English Premier League football team or the Glazers will seize the opportunity to dump Manchester United and pick up a stateside sports league.

I hope somebody comes along and buys everything intact and continues on running the NPPL and XPSL. Otherwise we'll only have the PSP to look forward to.

So much for rumours about a merger between the 2 leagues.

We could also see an influx of US pro teams going to Europe next year but they would have to play in the SPL unless they buy spot in the CPL. The Millennium guys should explore opportunities in taking advantage of the demise of the NPPL and XPSL.

This also would mean that pro teams who have been strong in 7 man will have to switch to xball.

It is a black day for paintball.

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