Saturday, December 13, 2008


We were waiting for Allan and Ryan to meet at at this road side seafood "resturant" with Steven's "GOYAD Edition" DM9 in our hands.


It took us a better of the whole of Thursday to get to Taipei. We had breakfast in Singapore, Lunch in KLIA and dinner in Taipei. We had a 4 hour stop over in KILA and thank god for Starbucks and free WIFI and facebook I managed to kill time talking to friends on the net and replying some emails. I spoke to Conrad in California and we were talking about playing Paintball in the World Games. He seems pretty excited and hopes to get a chance to come and play next June. I think if the Americans pick a team it'll probably be line the dream team filled with NBA stars.

We got into Taipei around 730- took the bus into the city. I counted no less than 13 7-11 stores, 3 moss burgers only one KFC and one Adult DVD store- on the way in. After checking into KDM Hotel which was quite a decent sized- they put in a double bed for us so that fit all of us comfortably. Oh yes we also had a view of the Worlds Tallest Building which is the Taipei 101. I thought we had decent luck to get a view of the only iconic building that I know of in Taiwan.

Steven from Dye Asia came and picked us up in his sweet 3 series for dinner. He had a something cool to show us. He customised his DM9 with a GOYARD monogram which ws quite cool. The monogram is custom printed on sticker and then stuck on to the top part of his DM9. Anyone can printout a design but the crunch comes in the skill of applying the sticker. Attached to his GOYARD DM9 was a one off polished purple Boomstick. Dye doesn't make polished boomsticks anymore and purple is not in the catalog. The other thing I thought was cool was he told me to take it out with us when we went to eat.

Yes in Taiwan you can carry markers anywhere and right into a restaurant – standing by the road waiting for people etc. We had dinner with 2 of the best ballers in Taiwan. Ryan owns the only pro shop in Taipei and ALAN from STD Shocker. Shocker is one of the best teams in Taiwan and if not Asia and they came to WCA in 206. Ryan had a package for is- a box full of Invert Minis for us to use.

The one thing about Paintball in Taiwan is that everyone shoots on Ramp mode here. All the markers are permanently set in ramp. So to have the invert going ramp after a few pulls was quite a novelty. The GOYARD DM9 ramps really smooth. Cant wait to try out the DM9 in PSP mode.

We were told that one of our guest players Arthur Chang- is so into paintball that he flew in all the way from LA just to be in this event. I thought I had too much gear but this guy has 60 pods and 2 rotors and goodness knows how my markers. Can't wait to meet him tomorrow.

We're now taking a bullet train from Taipei to Taichung which is where Dye Asia is. Its takes and hour and goes though a countryside that looks something like Japan all flat with low rise houses and buildings spread across the land scape. We're heading to Dye to pick up some gear and hook up with Team Ku which are arriving from Japan.

The climate is in the cool 20s. Last night was 20 when we got into Taipei Airport. I can walk around in a t shirt while the locals are all bundled up in jackets and scarves. Great weather to play paintball.


Arthur Chang said...

1st. im not crazy, i didnt fly all the way back from la for a weekend of paintball. i mean come on!!!. ahhaha

Second, i never got to be in a tourney so when Achilles paintball here in taiwan calls me at 4AM LA time, hey final day we have to put you on a team or you wont play. my mind wasnt working and had no idea what he was saying but i said yes. in the morning, i kept wondering did i just commit to flying back to taiwan next week to play or was that a dream.

SEBURO said...

I TAKE IT BACK - you're not crazy :P

I am glad you said yes and I'm glad you came and played with us.

And it was a real pleasure to meet you and make friends and an honor to play with you too.

Thank you so much for your dedication, your attention to details your generosity and your thoughtfulness.