Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well we're off to Taiwan tomorrow to participate in a invitational Paintball Tournament as trials for the World Games next year in Kaohsiung. If all goes well - Paintball will be included in the World Games as a demonstration sport next June in the World Games. So it is important that we go and support the cause and help to get Paintball included into a big event as the World Games. The Taiwanese organisers are really keen to get Paintball Included in the world Games- they sent no less than 10 delegates to the World Cup Asia to observe the tournament. This project is assisted with the support of Urlich from the Euro Marshals and as well as our own Junaidi of the Malaysian Marshalls.

The World Games is a non profit organisation that in endorsed by the Oylmpic Council. It is held in the year following a Oylimpic year. Sports like Water Ski, Rhythm Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Canoe Polo, Tchoukball, Korfball to name a few are played in the World Games.

The idea of playing in the World Games first surfaced when we were in Penang. Junaidi was wearing a World Games t shirt and we asked him about it. He asked if we would be keen to go and the ball rolled on from there.

We were honored to be invited to go and play in the trials this weekend. Along with fellow Dye sponsored team- Team Ku from Japan will be ambassadors of the sports and hopefully- it will get picked as a demonstration sport next June.

To me personally playing in a big event such as the World Games is a close to going to the Oylmpics as I am ever going to get. 2 weeks ago we had to send our passports for our 'Athelete Credietials' and that already made it feel like going to a big event.

Thank yous to Junaidi for getting us involved in this event, to our kind sponsors Dye Asia for hosting us in Taipei, to the World Game Kaohsiung Organisers for hosting us in Kaohsiung, to JN Travel for the plane tickets, Team Ku for assisting us and even Ben Toddo for working out paint consumption a couple of week ago with me - that came in handy.

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