Saturday, December 13, 2008


As promised- some photos

Here we are...the entrance to alladin's cave...

"Open sesame"... there are boxes full of gear stacked up to the ceiling. Each box has a hole cut for you to take whatever you want. From clothing, goggles, goggle parts, Marker parts, Barrel bits to casual clothes to giant Explorer bags.

Choices...choices....choices. We took about 2 hours to fill that yellow cart full of gear. Team Ku took an hour to fill two carts

Day 2 was all about paying Dye our sponsor a visit and picking up some gear.

I got up early at 8am had the hotel breakfast while the rest slept in. Breakfast was 'so-so' but 'free' so that saved me spending money. Went for a walk around the block and found a few interesting places the guys can have breakfast later. I bought them back to this Japanese pasty place that had good cakes and their special thing was this round cake that had layered walls. So its like a balled up kuih lapis (malay word for layers). Very hard to make and I dont know how they made it into a ball.

After breakfast we checked out and made our way by train from Taipei to Taichung which is like 130km from Taipei. The bullet train took us about an hour to get there. Dye Asia is basically one half warehouse and one half R&D and assembly area for all the markers and etc. In the roof is a place where you can test out markers and parts etc.

The warehouse is a treasure trove of anything with the dye label on it. Clothes mask parts to barrel parts. We picked out a few things like Navigator and Explorer bags, pods, pog bag, barrels, barrel backs, rotors, quick feeds for the Rotors and goggles lenses.

Fresh from the boat- WHITE i4s

White and Red i4 masks
We did get to see the spanking brand new “straight off he boat” red and white i4 which made Steven laugh because they are actually made in Taiwan. The White and Red coloured i4 goggles. First time they arrived at the warehouse and we were there when they opened the box. Also new “from the boat” is the green camo patterned Proto Barrel tips.'

I must say that the white i4s look really sweet with the orange high definition lenses. The red i3 was quite nice too but the white was the best. And in good timing Junior called to ask me to get a white i4 'if there is one' and my reply was 'dude – I can tell you they have it because we just took them out of the boxes like 10 mins ago'.

I also got to check out the “Joy Division” leopard patterned Rotor. Yep there is a sample rotor with leopard skin pattern and its “supposed to be' for Joy. And we all already know that Joy was using Rotors at the WCA. I wasn't allowed to take a pic of it – sorry. All the colours of the Quick feed for the Rotor is also available.

As for Dye Pro jerseys.... well I can tell those of you in Asia that they will carry most of the Dye pro jerseys because we saw place and tags allocated to NEXUS, BULLETS, VISION, AFTERSHOCK and IRONMEN C9 jerseys in the warehouse. And in sizes up to XXXXL.

We spent a good 4 hours at dye from 3 till 7pm before we headed to Kaohsiung.

I finally got to meet Arthur he came down from Taipei with KU and he's a GREAT guy- knows his paintball and is super organised. He's got 4 markers 2 M8s and I'm going to get to shoot the Proto M8 and small ben is going to shoot a PMR. He also bought back like 4 paintball caddies and gave one to us (3 to KU). He gets them straight from the paintball caddy guys house for USD10 a piece. (its USD18 online before shipping). Well we got tons of pods and two pod caddys - that should be enough to fill pods between games.

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