Saturday, December 13, 2008

DAY 3- Team Meeting and Practice.

This is the field- smack in the middle of a bunch of high rise apartments. The ground is flat - dry - no rocks and slide heaven.

Today we got up late had a lesiurely breakfast- got to catch up with Juniadi. Went to the field at about 11 plus and hung out. Team meeting was at about 1 plus.- after lunch which was provided for everyone by the organisers. And not any cheap packed lunch but a decent chicken chop with japanese rice.

Anyway- to cut to the cheese- the Taiwanese guys have never played M7 before and neither have we. But I'm so glad I got to crew with the Spectre boys many time because that REALLY helped. We had some practice games lined up- I coached for Team Ku- they drew 2-2 with Formosa and ran out of paint can threw in the towel. I had to go to the time keepers and call "towel" to give up the game. First time I have ever done that.

The Red Sevens SBen, BBen Jane with guests Pony and Fon Jen and the other Arthur - played a new Taiwan team called Dynamics. I coached from the side lines. We also went 2-2 and ran low on paint - we had about 3 pods between the 5 of us. Instead of throwing in the towel we went in - Big Ben had no paint at all and somehow Pony went up and got 4 kills and we took our very first win in M7.

What is amazing about playing in Taiwan is the everyone here is so respectful and so kind. The Taiwanese have a real respect for the sport and the players who come to their country. Kaohsiung and the people of Taiwan would be great hosts for the World Games come June next year.

After the game - the Team Dynamics guys we played came over to us - lined up and thanked us for playing them andcalled us 'big brother'. They said they learnt something new today from us and the whole team clapped and gave us a bow. Wow that's really something I thought was really awesome of them I never expected anything like this. We all shook hands and made new friends.

Seriously Taiwan is an awersome awersome place to come and play paintball.

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