Friday, December 19, 2008


Well not really. But thanks to Khaine's photoshopping skills...we're "featured" on PbNation too.
More photos from Taiwan including some "hot chick" at Kaohsiung Train Station who wore shorts that was so small it was almost nothing.

We come in peace - shoot to kill.


Anonymous said...

Chickanator tracking pants sighted..chest size evaluated..must hump!!

Love that train station..mmm, so much eye candy, hurt my neck looking about and remember the one with the balding foreigner, man, that was one hot, tight piece of A.wesome S.lappin S.lacks!!

art Chang said...

whatever white boy, you had yoru chance with the train girl, and blew it. she was pretty damn cute too.

SEBURO said...

I was thinking - if I ever meet that train chick again I'd marry her.