Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bikini Shoot in my office....

Ok this is my first SOT - (Seburo Off Topic).
Some of you have asked to see photos of the bikini and high heels photo shoot today well here you go:

That's my boss on the ladder. We put sand on the floor to give it "at the beach" look. In the foreground is all the high heel shoes the shoe company specially made for the shoot. They are all super high and one-offs.

Her name is Angela and she's 20 years old from Russia-she's in KL from tonight till next week if you're in KL. Fuck she's cute.

She looks really cute in some of the bikinis we did 6 shots of different stups - she wore a thong under all the bikini bottoms.

And yeah - guess the name of the stylist who is standing on her left. When I asked Arthur to guess the name of the stylist, he said "if his name is Arthur I'll shoot myself". My reply was – "what are you going to shoot yourself with?"

*And Wei the assistant (in red) is not making "that" hand sign - its just a plain fist.


Anonymous said...

Not bad but screwed better and the weekend is just beginning!! Thanks for the pics though

Anonymous said...

And Art, where is your right hand? Ahhh, is that why she is laughing, like the hotel clerk and my hug???

SEBURO said...

Yes...I learnt from the Master *bows*