Saturday, December 13, 2008


The poster that greeted us at the door is when we got to CU Hotel at Kaohsiung

Team Red Sevens with 2 Bens and 2 Arthurs.

This was a sight -all our DYE gear Bags with Team Ku's Dye gear bags- there was like 20 bags forming this huge island in the middle of Taichung train station while we went to get tickets and McDonalds.

The train station at Taichung and Kaohsiung is pretty impressive. We got McDonalds for dinner and ate it on the train. The train took a little over and hour to travel south to Kaohsiung. Imagine traveling from KL to Singapore in 1.30 mins - well that is the same time it takes to travel the whole length of Taiwan from north to south of the island as Kaohsiung is right on the southern tip of Taiwan island.

We got into Kaohsiung at about 10pm took a cab to CU Hotel which is quite new and very nice rooms- big beds free WI_FI too. The hosts had a poster outside to welcome us- the event is officially called the A.P.I.T.- Asian Paintball International Tournament.

WALKING THE FIELD AT 1030PM - in the dark
The actual playing field is one small block behind the hotel its a 2 min walk to the field which is a huge flat field surrounded by apartment blocks. The field surface is superbly flat, dry and has turf grass on it. The ground is so hard they had to drill holes to peg the bunkers in. The bunkers are brand new NPPL red/blue bunkers and they put all the toys out - all 47 bunkers car washes, tent and spikes all out. The field layout is a NPPL 7 man spec layout- everyone who came to the field with us was impressed with the layout- the playing surface and the venue.

The nets are a bit low- the cars parked nearly would get splattered for sure. But the net set up and the players box are really well done up. you walk in and out with out having to lift up flaps of net. There is a big players box at each end- and there is a fill station at both ends of the field. So no need for crews to be running for air during the breaks. This is one well set up field and is very considerate to players' needs.

We bumped into Urlich from the Millennium Series in the hotel lobby- he was very pleased to see us and Team Ku. Team meeting is at the field tomorrow at noon with practice at 2-3 pm. I think everyone is looking forward to the practice sessions more than the actual games on on Sunday.

Breakfast with Dye tomorrow morning and helping them set their booth up.Then we're going to test diving and sliding on the flat field.

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