Saturday, December 13, 2008


The markers we had set up at the field- the M7s in front are Arthurs and the rest are all FonJen's except for the Invert Minis

FonJen - truly the ultimate paintball gear man. Some of the markers that was in room 7008. We had so many makers set up that we had to stash a couple under the TV

We decided to hook up all our markers and test them tonight after dinner and bring them to the field all assembled (because you can walk around Taiwan with markers in your hand and no one would give a shit)

We have:-

5 Mini Inverts (from Ryan)
DM8 - Pony
Dynasty Shocker - Fon Jen
Naughty Dogs Shocker- Fon Jen
M7 - Fon Jen
DM7 - Fon Jen
M7 Black- Arthur
M7 Black - Arthur
PMR Red - Arthur

Thats a total of 13 markers between the 7 of us.
Of the 13 markers we have 11 complete set ups. Fon Jen alone brought 7 tanks and 9 squeeges.
The hotel room looks like a fraking war zone.

Oh yeah and you're wondering how many markers does Fon Jen has.. its 45. AND he keeps a spare board for his emarkers. I would really like to see how he stores his 60 plus barrels. I guess if you asked him what is a good barrel - you would probably get a very good answer from FJ.

The Dynasty and Naughty Dog Shocker look really sweet. The Dyasty Shocker is polished with a Dynasty Vlocity Jr and a Dynasty barrel sock very nice. But the weight... now I know why most of the Dynasty Boys switched to Luxes.

Some of us we used the Inverts today but they have been relegated to back up statues since we have so many M7, PMRs DM7 and and DM8s.

Gary show would love Arthur too.. because he has 2 sets of every marker and gear.

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