Friday, January 30, 2009


I am finally back in Singapore in 'normal' weather. I was rather amused when I realised that last night I was walking around the main shopping street in cold Guangzhou China and tonight I was walking around Orchard Road in the cool night air.

I got home to find 2 messages which really humbled me and I am stokked to receive. Junior Brown of XSV wrote to say "love the blog" and invited me and everyone to go check out his forum I will sign up and plug it a bit later.

And G-No sent me the letter he sent to the Infamous on why he is leaving the team. It is a personal letter from him to the guys on the team. It is very generous of him to share and give us a glimpse of the life of a pro and how he has to balance his paintball life and his personal and family life.

We all don't see the other side of our favourite pro players - that they have to make a living and not everyone can live off paintball and they have families to take care of.

G-No would like me to mention that he thanks everyone who supported him and the team.

Thank you to G-No for your generosity and trusting me with the letter. I am sure you will be back sometime soon when things have worked out and settled down. We will all miss seeing you in the Doritos. Thank you also Junior Brown for the support.

Below is the letter:

as most of you already know, at the ripe old age of 24, i have decided to "retire" from paintball. most of you also already knew that my family and i were struggling financially. so at first, i was being forced to quit paintball, the sport we all love and hate at the same time. however, even when we were finally able to get ourselves out of the **** hole status that we were in, instead of playing paintball and living the way i had the last couple of years revolving everything around paintball, i decided to take this opportunity to better my life and of my family. where i want to be in life, career and financial wise, is being slowed down by paintball. it's hard to try to go to school, work full time to pay bills, and be a father at the same time. throw in paintball, which takes away time from all three, and takes away the days that i can make most of my money(weekends), then i'm just living day by day to get by and not for my future. even though i am currently capable of playing paintball this year, i didn't want to wait for another financial or whatever problem to occur and be in that same **** boat of being forced to quit. with things hard as it is this year for the team and paintball in general, i didn't want to be one of the people being spent money on to fly and take up a spot which i could not fully commit to. it's not fair to you guys, and it's not fair to people that would kill for my spot.

with that being said, i am thankful for getting to know everyone. i know it's been said a **** load of times and might not mean anything to you guys, but to me, all you guys were like older brothers. with the exception of the old guys, baldar and pozzi, who were more like uncles. i have no real friends other than katie(baby's mama) outside of paintball. i lived everyday waiting for the weekend to see my only friends. so it is really really sad for me to not be able to see you guys anymore. it'll be especially sad for me not to be able to see my girlfriend who is still currently living with slasher. she's an awesome girl and a great skier.

for the original guys that watched me grow in paintball and decided to take a chance and pick me up, thank you. for those who made the decision to pick me back up after i had originally left, thank you. for those that understand why i'm yet again leaving, thank you. i wish you all luck this year and i hope you all have fun. don't play if you're not having fun.

if you guys start slackin on those dorits, i'm might just have to gear up again... lol so don't suck!


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