Monday, January 12, 2009

MPOC1 - Red Sevens

We had a good outing in the first leg - we went with a nominal number of 6 guys and we had decent confidence in our chances. We started slow with a lost to the VWW boys. It was a 5-0 lost which woke us up. We then took the next 4 games with gave us something to carry over to Sunday.

I must say that playing 5 games on a Saturday and finishing up before lunch was something new and I thought was a nice pace. It was a far cry from cramming 10 preliminary games on a Saturday. We has the rest of the day to recover- clean up and go eat and hangout and bond. Later on I realised that we'll have at least 8 or more games to play on Sunday.

On Sunday we has a mixture of wins and losses. We needed to work on communication and finishing the game off. A aspect of the game I once talked about which is over looked a lot. We ended up ranked 5th after the preliminary games. Before our last game we were tied with at least 4-5 teams so it was tight up top.

We made it into the quarters for the first time but by default. There was no sweet sixteen as there were only 15 teams in D3 - so top eight went through and were split into 2 teams. We were grouped with Eventual winners JB Syndicate, PPS Syndrome and Holy Divers. We lost the fist game to Syndrome and won our second game with Holy Divers making our last game do or die. Familiar territory with the pressure on we stumbled at the final step against a very good team the Oscar Legion boys. Those guys are very nice of guys and I congratulate them for making to the finals and taking 1st runner up.

Congratulations also too to the happy go-lucky boys from JB. Doc Tooth and the JB Syndicate boys decided to come up only at the last minute - had fun and they came away with the title of Leg 1 Champions.

I watched a lot of D3 games, but this tournament I didn't get a chance to sit down for some of the D1 games which is something I regret. Next Leg I will sit down and watch some of the senior games as I always learn something new when I watch them play.

However I did get to watch some of Lemon Ruski's games and their style is what I would describe as 'fast and furious'. They are a smooth and well PB oiled machine - these guys have played so much together they play as one well oiled machine and are a joy to watch. They way the play is the way I would like my team to strife for. The score board for the Lemon Ruskies was impressive taking 9 games in a row and taking the D2 title.

Congratulations also to Dennis and the KCHL family who took D1 and D2. The XFoxes who took D1 and Matrix teams who did so well. As Junior put it succinctly - it was a good day for Dye/KCHL teams.

Thank god- it didn't bloody rain.
Thanks to Big Ben and Jane for organising everything the hotel etc and driving us around.

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illicitdream said...

Thnka you..i think maybe you may have over rated us... but thank you for your kind comments on our team..


M.E.Lemon Ruski