Thursday, January 15, 2009


Junior Brown has come out and called for fans to support the project to start a new 7 man league. The NPPL might be re born with one less 'P' as the NPL.

"XSV & The new 7 man league
As some of you now know, XSV are one of the pro teams who have joined together to form a league we believe in; a paintball league for us all to have a say from Pro to Divisional. XSV have been working for weeks with other PRO team owners on ways to create a league that runs lean with a small but effective staff, cut wasteful spending, streamline the registration check-in process, ease the burden of time and financial commitments from lower divisional teams, assign committees to focus on ways to improve scheduling, make it easier for the industry to support us, address concerns and ideas from teams of all divisions and focus on the competition and excitement that is 7-man. This is our way of giving back.

The league will be a national series consisting of six events with four divisions of 7-man play and one 5-man division. A steering committee will be formed of representatives from all divisions to make sure this league will always be your paintball league. More information on the league, including the league name, venues, pricing and much more, will be released at the end of the week.

On behalf of all XSV I encourage you to support this league in any way you can. Again, this is a league we can all believe in.

Sacramento XSV "

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noir said...

That sounds good! Ima wish them the best of luck!