Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I wrote this a while ago at the end of last year. Took me a while to narrow down the questions. Thank yous to Jon, Daryl and Calgar for helping me with the quiz.

Here are 20 questions to determine how much you know your pro paintball.
There will not be prizes as i think its all too easy to google or search my blog for the answers.

I will post the answers on Sunday. If you cant wait- email your answers to seburo55@yahoo.com and I will reply with the correct answers.

Have fun!

We'll start with something simple:

1. What is Ollie Lang's Jersey Number?

2. What is the flavour of Dynasty's Brand of paintballs?

3. Davey Williamson, Glenn Takemoto, Jon Richardson and Rusty Glaze were former team mates. What was that team?

4. Which of these pairs are not brothers?
Bob and Zach Long
Rusty and Gator Glaze
Matt and Bart Blonski
Corey and James Bronstein
Gary and Nick shows
Scott and Mark Kressin

5. What is the initials "HK" in HK Army and Hollywood HK stand for?

6. What is the significance of the number 301 on Miami Rage's jersey?

7. What was the icon that was in common that was on Team Icon's and the Tonton's jersey?

8. Who coined the team name “Infamous”

9. Where does Dynasty practice- what is the name of the field?

10. In 2008 there is only one us based pro team that played in the CPL in the millenium series. They are an amalgamation of 2 us based pro teams - what are the 2 teams?

11. Which Semi Pro Team did Maximus Lundquist guest for in the NPPL?

12. Who coached the Aftermath team to their victory at Huntington beach last year?

13. Who were the 2 American pros who guest for Moscow Phoenix in the CPL?

14. Budapest Bullets have 3 foreigners in their line up. Who is the third apart from Ollie Lang and Mr U? Ok this is a hard question - you can see him in in the side bar on the right in the FACEFULL 64 banner.

15. Chris Lasoya has played in over 8 teams - can you name at least 4 of them?

16. Who 'infamously' left the Russians for the Americans?

17. Which Dynasty player guests for The Russians? Bonus points if you know his nickname.

18a. Mike Carthy was listed on 2 team line ups in 2008 Name the 2 teams

Bonus point if you can tell me which team played Mike Carthy played on in 2007

18b. Infamous' G-No Benedico played on the same pro team as Billy Bernnachia in 2007- what was that team?

19. Before Dye came out with the Rotor- the Ironmen did not have a loader contract and everyone could use that they liked. What loader does Nicky Cuba use and still uses?

20. Name the only two pro teams that shot private label SL8Rs in 2008

EDIT - I had 2 no18s so I split them into 18a and 18b. - Apologies for not knowing how to count above the number 15


SEBURO said...

EDIT:- JUNIOR emailed me his answers and scored a credible 10 points

Thanks for playing Junior!

SEBURO said...
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SEBURO said...

JON "THE 'TARD" - scored 15 points.

Should have been higher since I ran most of the questions though with you before.. But good stuff anyway. You're ranked in D2. I'll post the rankings out on Sunday.

SEBURO said...

TOM "The Tank Engine" - scored 12 points. He's the legit leader now with 12 points as Jon has seen some of the questions before.

Thanks for playing Tom

Tom said...

Muahaha nice try, Jon!

noir said...

BOOOO!!! most of the questions i've never seen before!! you changed them! Booo!! i'm legit!!

SEBURO said...

Claire from Dye Asia - "Your quiz is too hard for me"