Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Logical Progression

At the Captain's meeting last Friday night- a proposal was bought up to allow ramping mode in Division 3. This caught me by surprise but I guess it was coming.

In Taiwan for the first time we played on ramping mode capped at 12 BPS ala Millenium rules. I found it wasn't much of a difference with or without the ramp mode. It wasn't that sa big deal - just that it was "easier" to get the ropes up. And you'd have to pod up more and faster.

I also noted that ramping made the game faster and more exciting. Trigger skill was sacrificed for the sake of more adventurous play and strategy. The Taiwanese guys moved and bumped up faster with more confidence despite facing ramping paintballs.

One thing that makes a difference is the quality of the markers. We started off using a compact marker in Kaohsiung and they were quickly replaced with more reliable and accurate PMRs and M7s. Jane even chose to carry a heavy Dynasty Shocker over the lighter compact marker. We realised that having a reliable marker with good software and capability of the Regulator to pump a consistent rate of paintballs is the minimal requirement to play in Ramping mode.

I for one am for ramping mode- it will push the standard of play higher. The Red Sevens started their first MPOC tournament with house markers and made it to the second round. After house markers were dropped from D3 it push the standard of the teams to another level because everyone played with emarkers and compressed air.

I think the next step is ramping mode. But not "uncapped" - I think we should still cap it at 12 or 15 to give every one a sporting chance.

I would also like to add that in order to make having ramping mode in D3 and even better success - we should also be talking about playing on turf.

Think about it.

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Anonymous said...

yeah.. ramping pushes to play better sooner. 12 BPS is what i like. i was playing at 15 when i started and found that is a lot of paint to be flying around and honestly it makes people rely on their markers more than skills, i.e snapshooting, using the whole bunker, filling, etc etc.

the advantage. people improve a lot faster and are forced to improve. the drawback is that new players can easily be intimidated by the amount of paint flying around.

TURF!!! awesome.. with the amount of rain in S'pore/KL/malaysia in general, that would changet the game.