Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reviews and Thank yous

I have to say a few thank yous to few people

Thank you to Dennis of KCHL for sponsoring us Eclipse Paintballs.

Daniel "Junior" for lending me your Vlocity Select Force loader with Virtue Chip and Virtue Crown installed to try out. And thank you for the Gangstar Chip too of which I have installed in my Vlocity but yet to try out in a game. And for lovingly cleaning and caring for our markers.

Thank you to Matthew of Furious Paintball for handing me a Furious Barrel to try out. I am humbled that you want my opinion on the furious Barrel. I did use it in Quarter Finals and I will have a write up of it shortly.

Thank you also to Ben Todo of Pro Paintball for helping me fix the valve on my tank - again. And thank you too for giving me the JT Barrel Sock which I used with much pleasure.

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