Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank yous to everyone

Its been a great couple of days. I have been asked to be a contributing writer on 2 US paintball websites something which really blew me away. I will write more about it later. It was my goal in 2008 to try and get more US based readers and I was really happy that I'm now getting over 50% readership stateside  and to be asked to write for 2 paintball websites is indeed a great honor.

I want to thank everyone who comes and reads my blog - everyone from the states all the way to people from Panama to Ghana and not forgetting those who also hate me. The hits on my blog went through the roof from a daily average of 200 to 400 when I posted G-No's letter and the pro players ins and outs this week. 

Thank you to all the pro players like G-No and Junior Brown who also wrote and sent compliments and supported me by helping out with answers and information.

I want to wish all the teams playing in the 3 man Federal Territory Day Tournament up in KL Malaysia and the teams playing in the SPNS in Singapore all the best for this weekend.

I am working on 2 stories at the moment - Im gathering 'official'  team rosters from the pro teams and I'm also writing a story on and Junior Brown.

And lastly Matthew- I owe you a review on the Furious Barrel, I have not forgotten you - just been trying to get photos taken of the barrel. I will post my review soon. 

Have a good weekend paintballing everyone - all those playing in tournaments in KL and Singapore and I know all the pros would be practicing this weekend too for PHX.

Thank you everyone from all over the world for coming in to read my blog.

This is the number of hits and returning readers to my blog. September and October was the highest with an average of over 8500 page loads that month.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff man! This is just the beginning!! Keep it up and ur critics can shove up their words in their ass.. Hahaha... PP

SEBURO said...

Thanks PP- means a lot to me to hear that from you.

Anonymous said...

Hey bro,

You gonna be coming down to Labuan for the Labuan Tourney?? Come la its gonna be fun!! -reuben

SEBURO said...

Hey Reuben- good to hear from you. I'll be giving Labuan a miss. Need to save up days off and money for MPOC and Taiwan etc.

Anonymous said...

aww... its all good catch up with u at one of the MPOC's then, by the way team hoodlums are a big fan of your blog now, everybody checks on it everyday hahaha they were pissed when u went missing for chinese new year! hahahhah take it easy bro and keep up the good work! -reuben

SEBURO said...

Thanks for the support Reuben. I hope to see you guys in one of the MPOCs soon.

I think you guys will kick ass in Labuan - I wish I was going to be there to watch Hoodlums play.

China? ha ha I managed to get a couple of scoop stories while I was there which was pretty amazing. Shane from Infamous was amazed that he made his decision to leave Infamous on Sat and I was asking him about it on Tuesday all the way from rural China.