Friday, January 16, 2009


SBEN> Check it out- Mr NPPL has a Miami Rage NXe pack!

This is going to be interesting. This Sunday we will have somebody who I'll refer to as "Mr NPPL" come and BTO at the field. And I told him to wear his NPPL Team Jersey.

MR NPPL: So are we playing this weekend?

ME: Yeap - bring your gear Mr NPPL and wear your jersey

MR NPPL: I don't have anything here besides my jerseys lol. I'm wearing sweatpants and my jersey.

ME: I'll bring pants for you

MR NPPL: I wanna wear my sweat pants lol.

ME: I'll be taking photos


NOTE: BTO is Basic Tournament Orientation which players have to go to to be certified as a 'tournament player' in Singapore as required by the Singapore Police. All BTO certified players will be allowed to play in a regular speedball field without the centre border. Under normal rules- there is a border line in the middle of the field which non BTO certified players cannot cross for 'safety reasons'.


SEBURO said...

MR NPPL (via SMS): LOL I just hope I don't get shot in the nuts!

noir said...

I sure hope he doesn't get shot in the nuts too.. HA!