Friday, May 15, 2009


This is for SBen- the Wackers' new 09 jersey from USPL. BTW Prince is back in school - he asked me to help out on his school project.

DYE/PROTO gear have been featured on the Wackers- with masks, rotor and the dye throttle tank now being used by the bushwackers. NXe are supplying them with packs, the new 09 bottle covers and barrel socks.

There is a mix of Protos and Dye i4s masks this year. They have swapped the Torques for Rotors too.

They're still etching the Bushwacker 'B' monogram on their GEOs and here you can clearly see the Dye Throttle which replaced the DXS bottles.

Love that barrel! The tip looks suspiciously like a Boomstick. This Geo has a custom laser job on it.

Click on the pics to see it larger.

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sharkill said...

1st photo: kickass.